Pillars of the Absolute Religion

The God Exist. 

Universe is Infinite and Timeless. We learning that Everything created from the same particles and there is the force which organize those particles in different forms, processes and development. This is the force of Creation and we call it The God.

Everything and Everyone are the the same.

We created from the same particles and organized by the same energy therefore we are the same. Galaxies, Stars,  Humans, Water , Sand… Everything is the same when you look closer and deeper.

We Do Not Know

Existence is  Infinite and Timeless,  We have some time to learn and understand Existence and The God but we limited in time and abilities. Therefore If we don’t know something just admit “WE DO NOT KNOW”. Learn, do research make experiments to get more knowledge but if you do not know simply accept it. It will make our vision clear and remove lie and confusion.

Learn and Search

Brain, ability to learn, think, do research, make experiments, asking questions and search the answers is part of the God. The force is created all of this.  If we would not need it we would not have it. So use this gift. Search for other gifts which we got from God and use it also.  Learn Science, read books absorb the knowledge and analyze. Than more you know than more you understand.

Good and Bad

Plus and Minus, Positive and Negative, Matter and Anti Matter, Creation and Destruction. Looks like Everything have balance.  So use the logic, bring Positive in your life. We got feelings as part of our existence and Happiness is the positive feeling. So make yourself and everyone around Happy. This is one of the way to understand what is Right or What is wrong.

Ask and Answer

Never hesitate to ask if you do not understand, if you want to learn. In the same time learn how to understand if answer is right or wrong, if it based on science or on misunderstanding, opinion or lie. If you know and somebody asked answer but if you don’t know admit “I DO NOT KNOW!”. Keep clear vision.